Refurbishment of 3nr 5 storey Blocks, Macbeth Drive, Kilmarnock

Value £950,000
Term Oct 2007 - June 2008


Contracted by East Ayrshire Council, these works consisted of the regeneration of 42 flats contained within three five-storey blocks. . The external leaf of the properties had been constructed in common brick with an external render finish and the cavity was filled with foam, which was causing condensation and damp issues. We extracted the cavity by carefully cutting the pockets to lift out the insulation to build the brickwork back. This was carried out to remove any risk of saturated insulation and provide a system free of moisture.

A new external wall insulation system was proposed to provide a greater thermal resistance. This along with other works carried out as part of the project will reduce carbon emissions and energy costs. The project also involved the conversion of the flat roof to a pitched roof.

A.C. Whyte completed the works on time and within budget whilst delivering a high level of quality.  Colin Watson, East Ayrshire Council



  • Flat to pitch roof conversion incorporating new roof trusses finished with a Decra light weight metal profile roof.
  • Leadwork installed to flashings and valleys.
  • Existing cavity insulation extracted and brick pockets filled.
  • Existing walls prepared to allow external insulated render system comprising 80mm thick phenolic board with a dry dash finish.
  • Decorative Vinylit cladding from Germany installed to the top floor of the blocks.
  • New gutters, rainwater and soil drainage systems installed to suit new render system.
  • New powder coated aluminium cills installed to existing windows to suit new render system.

System: Weber Therm XM External Insulated Render System.