British Gas CESP Project – ng Homes in Glasgow

Value £3,500,000
Term April 2012 - Oct 2012


Seven streets in the Springburn area of Glasgow were to benefit from a £3.5m plan to improve their energy efficiency. The project, funded by British Gas, under the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP), saw a mix of ngHomes tenants and private owners benefit from external wall insulation and new central heating systems.

A.C. Whyte & Co. Ltd a tier 1 framework contractor for British Gas, delivered the installation of EWI and associated works to 519 properties in the Springburn area, free of charge to residents. The contract required all works to be completed within a 24 week period and included 3 9 storey blocks, 4 15 storey blocks, 16 4 storey tenement blocks, 6 3 storey tenement blocks and 4 2 storey four in a blocks.  A.C. Whyte approached the project in phases running various sites simultaneously and successfully completed all work ahead of schedule.

The Works

  • Installation of External Wall Insulation; 21000m2 of Alumasc Swisslab system with a combination of mineral wool and phenolic insulation and a Silkolitt silicone render and dry dash finish on properties ranging from 2 to 15 storeys
  • The design involved three colour changes from top to bottom of the blocks, requiring the application of multi-coloured render panels intended to create an optical illusion 3D effect
  • For detailing around the windows, there was no existing ingoe so these had to be created and with no overcills we initiated a specific detail to produce and fit to all windows
  • Buildings were in a bad state of disrepair and windows were uneven, as a result remedial work was required and windows were corrected using boards of various thickness to ingoes
  • Large numbers required to be hand painted onto the silkolitt finish by an expert traditional sign writer so as not to impact the integrity of the system

System: Alumasc, Swisslab.


An area based approach created an impressive, aesthetically pleasing, revitalised look to the community, dramatically improving the overall living environment

Over 500 households have achieved improved energy efficiency and reduced u-values which is reflected in energy bill savings.