Skills Academy

To continue delivering our right first time approach and achieving quality as standard commitment for our clients, A.C. Whyte took the proactive step of securing a sustainable workforce into the future by developing the A.C. Whyte Energy Efficiency Skills Academy.

A.C. Whyte successfully launched their flagship Skills Academy initially developed in 2017 in partnership with West College Scotland. Working closely with both colleges, the A.C. Whyte team have created an industry led curriculum that specifically meets the needs of the business and the industry in helping deliver Scotland’s ambitious but achievable energy efficiency targets and will evolve to meet the needs of the Local Authority areas, in which the course operates.

The course is carefully planned to allow the students, or Akademos as they are known, to experience a blend of practical training within the purpose built training facilities in Greenock and East Kilbride, as well as in a real live site environment, under the expert supervision of our Skills Academy Principal, Tommy Campbell as well as some of our most experienced operatives. On successful completion of the course, the Akademos will be offered full-time, permanent jobs with A.C. Whyte, making this proposition completely unique and a first of its kind.

In response to the pandemic, the Scottish Government have already invested £2.3b to support businesses and going forward have committed to a national mission to help create new jobs, good jobs and green jobs.  Jennifer Phin, Managing Director of A.C. Whyte said:

It is clear that this sector is weighted under immense opportunity.  Attracting talent with the promise of training, development and career opportunities is the first step to achieving these ambitious targets.  We have the chance to grow an entire new generation of skilled operatives who will take the country into an energy efficient future, with boundless opportunities to excel in a thriving, evolving industry.

Every member of A.C. Whyte’s team is empowered to go the extra mile, exceeding client and residents’ expectations.  The A.C. Whyte Energy Efficiency Skills Academy presents an exciting opportunity to embed these values into the curriculum and organically create future A.C. Whyte stars with the right attitude and approach from day one.

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