Skills Academy

Developing Future A.C. Whyte Stars

A.C. Whyte have taken a proactive step in developing a long term, sustainable workforce, that will go on to deliver the companies commitment to achieving ‘quality as standard’ for their clients, by creating and launching their own, unique, award winning Skills Academy.

The industry led Academy has been developed in partnership with West College Scotland, both teams worked closely to create an inimitable curriculum that will provide the students with a formal qualification as well as relevant knowledge and skills to allow them to graduate to professional, A.C. Whyte external wall insulation installers.

The course was carefully planned to allow the students, or Akademos as they are known, to experience a blend of practical training within the purpose built training facility at the Greenock Campus of West College Scotland as well as in a real live site environment, under the expert supervision of some of A.C. Whytes’ most experienced operatives. On successful completion of the training, the Akademos will be offered full-time, permanent jobs with A.C. Whyte, making this proposition completely unique and a first of its kind.

Every member of A.C. Whyte’s team is empowered to go the extra mile, exceeding client and residents’ expectations.  The Skills Academy presents an exciting opportunity to embed these values into the curriculum and organically create future A.C. Whyte stars with the right attitude and approach from day one.

Jennifer Phin, Managing Director said:

Derek MacKay, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work formally launched the Academy in September 2018, he said: “This is an exciting model, West College Scotland and A.C. Whyte working in partnership, are bringing together colleges and the private sector to deliver skills and training the business industry actually wants and needs, with guaranteed jobs at the end of it.”

The Akdademos themselves told us:

A.C. Whyte recently attended the Herald Higher Education Awards and are delighted to be announced the winner of the prestigious Outstanding Business Engagement Award for the Skills Academy and their partnership with West College Scotland. To read more, click here.