Akademos in A.C. Whyte’s Skills Academy exceed expectations on site

A.C. Whyte is currently in its fifth year of its Skills Academy in partnership with West College Scotland. The programme aims to provide practical training and hands-on experience to individuals interested in becoming fully qualified external wall insulators.

Over the past few months, our Skills Academy Principal, Tommy Campbell, and experienced A.C. Whyte operatives have been working closely with the six of our students, known as Akademos, to give them the best possible start to their site experience. The feedback for the Akademos has been incredible, with their approach to work and attention to detail being praised by the A.C. Whyte team.

The Akademos have been gaining valuable experience in their roles and are well on their way to becoming fully qualified external wall insulators. They are also making a positive impact on our organisation by keeping their work areas clean and tidy, and by being helpful and enthusiastic members of the team.

To date, our Skills Academy has been a great success and has enabled the Akademos to gain valuable skills that will prepare them for future careers in the construction industry. Our commitment to supporting their development on site has been crucial to their success, with our site management team and experienced operatives providing guidance and building strong relationships with the Akademos. The positive feedback received from our team is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Akademos, who have been instrumental in assisting us on our sites. We are fully committed to continuing to support them in their training and college placements and look forward to seeing them progress towards their full-time employment with A.C. Whyte.

Tommy Campbell, our Skills Academy Principal, commented:

We are proud to see the progress the Akademos have made during their time with us. They are enthusiastic and dedicated workers, and we are excited to see them develop further as they work towards full-time employment with A.C. Whyte.

The success of the Skills Academy programme is a testament to the commitment of A.C. Whyte to providing high-quality training and development opportunities for its employees. For anyone interested in pursuing a career in the construction industry, our Skills Academy is an excellent place to start. To learn more, visit our Skills Academy page here.