A.C. Whyte Secures Top Spot in Fire Safety Framework (FS2)

We at A.C. Whyte are proud to announce our recent appointment to the Fire Safety Framework (FS2), led by the Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA). This framework is dedicated to fortifying social housing and public buildings along with ensuring the safety of their tenants.

Within the framework’s comprehensive structure of 9 lots, we stand out as a leading contractor selected for the Cladding and External Wall Insulation Remediation lot (7A Cladding remediation), scoring first place in rank.

The participating companies in the framework represent a collaborative circle of consultants, engineers, and contractors united in the mission to enhance the safety standards of existing housing infrastructure. Leveraging over 50 years of expertise in the construction industry, and specifically over 40 years of experience in installing external wall insulation to occupied properties, we have a history of pioneering performance in this field.

With an extensive portfolio that includes expertly handling strip and reclad projects, as well as managing various high-rise properties over five decades, we are renowned for providing clients with in-house technical knowledge, reassurance, expertise, and tailored solutions for their sensitive and often challenging projects.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to forge strategic partnerships with key clients. Positioned at the forefront of innovation and safety in construction, we are ready to make significant contributions towards the collective goal of enhancing fire safety standards across Scotland’s housing and public infrastructure.