A.C. Whyte’s Skills Academy Wins Best Learning and Development Programme

A.C. Whyte attended the S1 Jobs recruitment awards last night and emerged successful, winning the Best Employer Learning & Development award. This prestigious award recognises organisations that prioritise employee growth and development, demonstrating their commitment to their employees and distinguishing themselves as outstanding places of work.

At A.C. Whyte, our people are our strength, and we champion the importance of skills, training, and development throughout the entire business. We continually invest in our teams’ development to ensure they are equipped to deliver the quality services we pride ourselves on. To directly address the energy renewables skills gap and achieve net zero targets, A.C. Whyte took the proactive step of developing the award-winning, innovative A.C. Whyte Energy Efficient Skills Academy.

The Skills Academy, now in its 5th year with West College Scotland, has been a great success and has enabled the students, also known as Akademos, to gain valuable skills that will prepare them for future careers in the construction industry. The academy has trained individuals of all ages in external wall insulation, creating a sustainable workforce for the future. Tommy Campbell, our Skills Academy Principal, commented:

We are proud to win this award for our Skills Academy as well as our learning and training initiatives. The Skills Academy provides opportunities for individuals of all ages to learn the skills to be external wall insulators under the supervision of myself and some of our most experienced operatives. We have had some fantastic success stories and look forward to more to come as we work towards our net zero targets as well as securing green jobs for the future.

The success of the Skills Academy is a testament to the commitment of A.C. Whyte to providing high-quality training and development opportunities for its employees. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the construction industry or want to learn more about our innovative Skills Academy, visit our website today.