A.C. Whyte visit St John Ogilvie Primary in North Ayrshire

A.C. Whyte’s Schools Road Show visited St John Ogilvie Primary School in North Ayrshire this week.  We are currently working in the area to deliver a HEEPS:ABS funded programme of external wall insulation works and took the opportunity to talk to the kids, some of whom will be experiencing the works on their home.

Our David Smith began the session by meeting with the Schools ECO Committee, which is made up of one representative from each primary across the school.  David heard about the monitors who patrol the school, saving energy by turning off light switches and the like, and realised very quickly that passion for ‘Saving the Planet’ was very much a priority for these kids.

David went on to take the students from Primary 1 to 3 on the journey of how A.C. Whyte’s work will help them go on to save the planet.  He began by explaining ‘What is energy’, then demonstrated how insulation works and showed what we will be doing to their homes.  He also explained the importance of safety when we are working on their homes, talking them through the dangers of construction sites and helping them understand the things they can do to keep themselves safe.

The session was fun, but most importantly it helped the children to further understand energy efficiency and health and safety around construction sites the very interactive session even managed to expend some energy.

David Smith said: “Working with the next generation to educate them on energy efficiency and the dangers of construction sites is essential.  They are passionate and excited about finding ways to save energy and the planet and they embrace their roles and responsibilities in achieving this.  It is inspiring to watch”.

The session was the first in a programme of activity planned across the area and looks set to be a huge success.