A.C. Whyte launch 2020 Skills Academy recruitment

A.C. Whyte are back stronger than ever as they emerge from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.  As they gradually restart their sites, in line with Government Guidance they are focussing on how they can train and develop their future workforce, create jobs and help restart the economy. 

They are delighted to be starting recruitment for their 2020 A.C. Whyte Skills Academy, which was first launched three years ago in partnership with West College Scotland.  The company identified a shortage of skilled operatives was a future risk to the industry and, together with West College Scotland, developed an innovative course that will secure a quality and sustainable workforce, whilst offering training and employment to a diverse group of individuals.  

The Skills Academy offers local candidates, from varied backgrounds, the opportunity to learn and master skills to become fully-qualified external wall insulation installers with guaranteed, full-time employment with A.C. Whyte after successful completion of the formally-accredited course. Jennifer Phin, Managing Director of A.C. Whyte said: 

We are very grateful to have weathered this current situation and with such a positive focus on job creation, economic stimulation and skills development, we are proud to be part of the solution.  At A.C. Whyte we heavily invest in our workforce and our people are our strength, we are looking to recruit the next generation of future stars.  The students will learn everything that makes our business unique, this is an incredible opportunity and it offers candidates immense potential.

The course provides the students or ‘Akademos’ as they are known, the chance to develop practical skills, taught in the bespoke workshop in West College Scotland’s Greenock Campus as well as practical hands- on experience out on live sites across the country, under the direct supervision of some of A.C. Whyte’s most experienced operatives. 

Chris Clamp, 37 from Greenock joined the first year of the Academy and graduated into full time employment with A.C. Whyte.  Chris sought a new career after working as a horticulturist for over a decade and with three children, it was important that he provided for his family.  Chris said:

This is a change of direction for me, I was stuck in a job for over 10 years, that I didn’t enjoy.  I wanted to show my kids it’s never too late to learn something new and love what you do.

Kenny Mearns, 20 had his heart set on a career in football and after some disappointments he focussed his attentions on learning a trade, that would allow him to work outdoors.  Kenny graduated the Skills Academy and is now a qualified external wall insulation installer with A.C. Whyte, he told us:

Working outdoors and hands-on suits me, joining the Academy, gaining my trade and working with A.C. Whyte has given me a real start in life.

Are you, or someone you know, looking to learn a trade and secure a future career with a quality focused company who heavily invests in their team?  Apply to our Skills Academy, where you will learn the skills and techniques to become a fully qualified external wall insulation installer.  Apply to stephanie.connor@acwhyte.co.uk.