A.C. Whyte are back stronger than ever

Since early March A.C. Whytes’ knowledgeable, skilled team have planned, strategised and responded to the emerging COVID-19 situation, adopting an informed, measured approach. They were able to immediately and safely decelerate and again accelerate activity across the business in response to Government guidance throughout these unprecedented times. Bringing the business to a complete stop was a first in A.C. Whyte’s 47 year history. 

Scotland have now entered Phase 4 of the Construction Scotland Restart Plan outlined in the Scottish Governments Route Map out of the crisis and A.C. Whyte’s sites are gradually operational again.  The ‘new normal’, looks very different to what was closed in early March.  Their Coronavirus remobilisation strategy involved the Operations team scoping every site and a rigorous audit of residents.  Clients were provided with a detailed plan outlining the stringent measures that would be implemented.  Every plan was tailored to convey how we would ensure the safety of our workforce, residents and the wider community.  The team recognised that communication with Clients and their residents was paramount.  Lockdown has forced the country to remain at home in a relative bubble, A.C. Whyte felt it was important to engage with every resident, to understand how they felt about works commencing and to personally talk to them about how A.C. Whyte intended to work around their home and also explain their role in keeping everyone safe.

Site mobilisation is gradual, the team are monitoring the systems implemented and debriefs are provided daily.  The benefits of the meticulous planning are evident across the business.  This exceptional team of individuals, who are all experts in their respective roles, have worked together to slowly restart the business, carefully managing resources, implementing unprecedented safety measures, redesigning processes and communication strategies. 

That’s just a flavour of what has been going on.  Over the coming weeks A.C. Whyte will talk more about their journey through this difficult time.  They are back stronger than ever, read more about what that actually looks like.

Health & Safety has always been A.C. Whyte’s top priority. It is clear more than ever that trust, quality and reliability have never been more important.

A.C. Whyte are delivering North Ayrshire Councils HEEPS:ABS 19/20 programme, now the third year of the partnership with the Council and Irvine Housing Association. Robert Clegg, Asset Services Team Leader for Irvine Housing Association said:      

A.C. Whyte provided North Ayrshire Council with a thorough, user friendly HEEPS:ABS Restart plan, that detailed every aspect of how they intended to mobilise and operate safely during the COVID-19 crisis.  Operating in these difficult times presents contractors with many challenges.  The document and subsequent conversations with various members of their team, provided immense comfort that A.C. Whyte would keep workers, households and the general public safe and informed throughout this restart period and beyond.