A.C. Whyte joins Association promoting insulation excellence

A.C. Whyte & Co. Ltd., based in Barrhead, is pleased to announce its membership to the National Insulation Association (NIA) which represents around 95% of the home insulation industry in the UK.

A recent independent survey* showed that 86% of all homeowners in the UK think that it is either very or quite important that the company they employ to carry out home improvements be a member of a professional trade association, so by joining the NIA in addition to INCA, A.C. Whyte is reinforcing their commitment to making homes more energy efficient.

Members of the NIA abide by a strict Code of Professional Practice, giving householders the reassurance that they are receiving the best possible advice and that all work is carried out professionally and to the highest standards.

With almost half of all homes in the UK lacking adequate insulation, potentially losing around 50% of their heat through walls and roofs, the NIA is keen to raise awareness of the huge savings that tenants can benefit from, simply by improving home insulation.

With recent government initiatives to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint there are also many subsidies available to bring the cost of insulation down and make it extremely affordable.

Mr Robert Phin, Managing Director of A.C. Whyte & Co. said: “We are delighted to join the NIA and the reassurance that this gives to our customers. Not only can they be confident that we provide a top quality service, but with so many bogus traders around these days, they are safe in the knowledge that A.C. Whyte & Co. is a reputable company backed by the industry’s trade associations.”

For more information about the NIA, visit the website at: www.nationalinsulationassociation.org.uk or call the enquiry line on 0845 163 6363

* An independent survey was carried out by GFK on behalf of the National Insulation Association between 4th and 6th July 2008. Figures show that nationally 66 % of all homeowners feel that it is very important for a home improvement company to be a member of a professional trade association and 20% felt it was quite important.