A.C. Whyte & Co. Ltd Shortlisted in East Renfrewshire Business Awards

A.C. Whyte shortlisted in three categories, Family Business of the Year, Excellence in Customer Care and Outstanding Performing Business (over 25 employees).

erba-finalist-logoWe are nominated for Family Business of the Year, Excellence in Customer Service and Outstanding Performing Business (more than 25 employees).

Established in 1973, the company has flourished from its humble beginning into a dynamic, successful family business. These nominations reflect our success, which is attributed to several keys things, the first of which is a pro-active dedication to evolving and adapting to market changes;  the second is a loyal, experienced workforce and finally, although arguably the most important is the family values that are intrinsic throughout the whole organisation.

The team at A.C.Whyte pride ourselves on delivering a consistently high standard of service in all activities undertaken by the company. Over the past 41 years we have worked to the highest quality standards and do so seamlessly thanks to our dedicated team and robust processes. We put our customers first, we drive quality up and costs down to ensure they are getting the best possible level of service. We are flexible and listen to our clients to ensure their needs are met.

The team will attend the Gala Dinner hosted by Karen Dunbar on the 4th June, where the winners will be announced.

For the full shortlisted categories click here