A.C. Whyte and East Ayrshire Council begin their ‘new normal’ partnership

In February 2020, A.C. Whyte successfully tendered for East Ayrshire Councils capital roof and render works.  The £5m programme, will see over 490 residents’ homes upgraded in a year.   

The works, due to commence in March, were delayed by the COVID-19 imposed lock down.  With guidance now in place and new measures implemented across sites, A.C. Whyte and East Ayrshire Council began talks on how to move forward amidst these unprecedented times. 

A.C. Whyte prepared and presented a detailed document outlining how they proposed to mobilise and operate in response to the current crisis.  Followed by a number of discussions and on site socially distanced meetings, mobilisation commenced in line with Government Guidance.

A.C. Whyte and East Ayrshire Council share a collective desire to ensure that residents have the best possible experience throughout the works. 

One area of the contract that offers exciting opportunities for innovation in the wake of this crisis, is the delivery of the proposed Community Benefits.  With social distancing requirements and challenging times for the education sector, A.C. Whyte are exploring how they can meet their commitments, adopting a very different approach, that may potentially shape our Community Benefits strategies for the better going forward.  Maureen Stevenson, A.C. Whyte’s Head of Marketing and Development said:

“There is no doubt that the current crisis has presented many challenges for us and our partners to overcome, but it has also been a catalyst for innovation and helped us rethink traditional ways of working. We pride ourselves on offering real community benefits that have tangible outcomes for residents. Social distancing is posing a unique opportunity to provide bespoke support to the communities we work in by forcing us to be even more creative when considering what these benefits are, and how we deliver them in this ‘new normal’.”