A.C. Whyte welcome increased Scottish Government funding to tackle fuel poverty and climate change

Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport visited A.C. Whyte’s Glasgow City Council site in Hillpark this week.  The project, which includes 100 properties across Hillpark and Mansewood will involve residents receiving heavily funded energy efficiency measures installed under the Scottish Governments HEEPS ABS and ECO schemes.  A.C. Whyte will be installing external wall insulation to each property, which will reduce carbon emissions and fuel bills and provide a warmer, more comfortable home for residents and their families. 

During Mr Matheson visit he announced that a further £64m will be invested in the HEEPS ABS schemes for 2021/22, up from £55m the previous year.  Mr Matheson said:

We are wholly committed to ending Scotland’s contribution to climate change and, crucially, doing so in a way that is fair for everyone and leaves no-one behind.

Reducing emissions from heating our homes is one of the most important things we can do to ensure we become a net-zero society by 2045. It will require us all to take action and everyone across Scotland will need to play their part in making sure our homes and buildings are fit for a net-zero future.

We are committed to rapidly scaling-up action, but doing so in a way that ensures that our fuel poverty objectives and our commitment to tackling climate change work together, ensuring a fair and just transition to net zero.

The Scottish Government have been making significant headway with improving the energy efficiency of privately owned homes since 2014, with the introduction of their HEEPS ABS schemes. Designed to support private residents make energy efficiency improvements to their homes by grant funding the works, the scheme has been successful in reducing carbon emissions, fuel bills and has supported the alleviation of fuel poverty across the country.  

A.C. Whyte’s Managing Director Jennifer Phin said:

“We have worked with 16 of the 32 Local Authorities to successfully deliver their HEEPS ABS schemes.   

The HEEPS Programmes, and projects like this in Glasgow have allowed our business to create local training and local job opportunities, whilst improving the energy efficiency of the homes within the communities we are working. 

The long-term benefits are a reduction in fuel poverty, local residents are upskilled, quality jobs are created with fair work for everyone, and local communities are economically empowered. 

Upskilling the workforce now, to ensure we can scale up delivery is essential and is the key driver of our A.C. Whyte Skills Academy model, that will ensure we have sustainable talent to deliver our energy efficient future.

All of this collaborative activity is key to us achieving a Just Transition and reaching the ambitious yet attainable Net Zero target. “

At a time when home means more than ever and with health and safety requirements heightened throughout the pandemic, A.C. Whyte were delighted to hear from resident Carol Sands of Hillpark Drive .

Mrs Sands said:

“I found communication from A.C. Whyte to be excellent from the outset. 

We fully understand the benefits of having the external wall insulation system installed and look forward to energy savings over the winter months. 

The house has also been cooler over these warmer days, a pleasant and unexpected upside.   We are delighted with the workmanship. 

Everyone turned up when expected, did an excellent job and made the whole experience very straight forward”. 

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