A.C. Whyte support International Day of Education

At A.C. Whyte, we champion the need to shape the energy efficient minds of the future. Today we celebrate and support #internationaldayofeducation, where the theme this year is to invest in people and prioritise education. Over the last year, our team have delivered over 30 sessions to schools within areas we are working in across Edinburgh, North Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and Glasgow.

Recently, A.C. Whyte had the pleasure of welcoming students from high schools in North Lanarkshire and Glasgow to participate in the Skills and Employability schools program through DYW. This program provided a unique opportunity for students to gain first-hand insights into the energy efficiency work that A.C. Whyte delivers, and to learn about the company’s journey towards net-zero.

During the program, students had the chance to get hands-on experience in some of the trades involved in retrofitting a property. They tried their hand at boarding, roof tiling, and applying solar panels to a roof rig, giving them a glimpse into the skills and techniques involved in these trades.

To further enhance their learning experience, the students also had the opportunity to visit construction sites and see the energy efficiency work in action. This provided them with a valuable understanding of the real-life applications of the skills and techniques they learned about during the program.

The Skills and Employability schools program through DYW is a fantastic initiative that provides students with valuable exposure to the energy efficiency and construction industries, and helps to inspire the next generation of skilled tradespeople. A.C. Whyte is proud to be a part of this program and to help equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their future careers.

The students have all been offered work placements as well as follow up visits for our A.C. Whyte Skills Academy, a unique opportunity to allow students, or Akademos as they are known to experience a blend of practical training, as well as in a real site environment, under the expert supervision of some of A.C. Whyte’s most experiences operatives. On successful completion of the course, they will be offered full time, permanent employment with A.C. Whyte. We look forward to welcoming the pupils to our Academy should they wish to apply as a route to the construction industry, which will go on to help deliver our energy efficient future.

Lorna Preston, Client Relationship Manager said:

A.C. Whyte welcome opportunities to collaborate and partner with our Local Authority clients and partner organisations to deliver programmes such as this, nurturing our sectors future talent is a responsibility we embrace. We look forward to continuing rolling this programme out within the areas we work in.