A.C. Whyte support EAS warm food winter campaign

Energy Action Scotland campaigns for an end to fuel poverty in Scotland, they develop and promote effective solutions to the problem of cold, damp and expensive to heat homes.  A.C. Whyte have supported Energy Action Scotland throughout the years and are delighted to be involved in their #warmfoodwinter campaign, which aims to help vulnerable families in fuel poverty access a Programmable Pressure cooker. The machines consume between 50-70% less energy to cook a meal than traditional methods. This is designed to be a real hand up rather than hand out and we will be distributing machines throughout the winter months. 

The campaign has the support of Gary McLean, National Chef of Scotland and Masterchef the Professionals Champion, who is an advocate of pressure cooking has created online cooking tutorials to take recipients through step by step instructions, on how to make nutritious meals that help resident’s budget go further. 

If you would like to support this campaign and help your residents to benefit – get in contact.

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