A.C. Whyte Roofing Apprentice takes part in CSIC Exskallerate Project

Research shows that the tasks involved in construction activities are often repetitive, demanding and over time, they can potentially lead to physical deterioration of the body and muscular injuries. Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC) have launched a trial using innovative, ground-breaking equipment exoskeletons, the trial is known as the ‘Exskallerate Project’ funded by Intereg, which has been designed to measure the body and muscular movements of trades often associated with construction.

Our Roofing Apprentice Aiden Simpson spent some time working with the team at CSIC and was measured up for the Herowear Apex and Auxivo Liftsuit exoskeletons equipment. Exoskeletons enhance our capabilities and have several uses such as increasing strength and productivity, reducing fatigue, minimising injury and providing additional support. In a roofing context, the equipment is in place to help support upper and lower back whilst lifting timber and roofing tiles.

Aidan is a valued member of the A.C. Whyte team and has been delivering roofing works in areas such as Grangemouth, Logan, Patna and Dunbar, therefore he was the perfect candidate to volunteer to be part of the experimental trials.

Over the course of two days, Aiden carried out various roofing, construction related tasks, using a timber roofing rig, which provided an effective simulation of lifting and laying of roof tiles, as though he were in a real site environment. The equipment which was tested uses 3D full-field imaging and digital techniques to track his movements in areas such as force, load and strain testing.

This technology and collaboration have made a significant contribution towards creating authentic and measured field trials and A.C. Whyte are delighted to be part of this innovative experiment to work towards a more positive and less labour-intensive way of working as well as protecting the health and safety of our employees.