A.C. Whyte launch 2nd Skills Academy with South Lanarkshire College

A.C. Whyte have further expanded their Energy Efficiency Skills Academy by launching the second of their Academies in partnership with South Lanarkshire College. A.C. Whyte have worked with South Lanarkshire College to create this unique training and job creation opportunity which has brought 13 local people, from diverse backgrounds, to join the 20-week training course and on successful completion, they will be offered full-time permanent employment with A.C. Whyte and begin their career as fully qualified external wall insulation installers.

A.C. Whyte successfully launched their flagship Skills Academy in 2017 in partnership with West College Scotland which is now in its third year.  Working closely with both colleges, the A.C. Whyte team have created an industry led curriculum that specifically meets the needs of the business and the construction industry.

Scotland has been forging a path to reducing fuel poverty by cutting energy emissions, reducing fuel usage and saving residents money with programmes such as HEEPS: ABS since 2014 and A.C. Whyte have successfully delivered over £32.5m of works under this scheme.  Scottish Government Investment in achieving net zero by 2045, reducing child poverty to less than 10% by 2030 and building a wellbeing economy, is both vast and encouraging. 

In response to the pandemic, the Scottish Government have already invested £2.3b to support businesses and going forward have committed to a national mission to help create new jobs, good jobs and green jobs.  Jennifer Phin, Managing Director of A.C. Whyte said:

It is clear that this sector is weighted under immense opportunity.  Attracting talent with the promise of training, development and career opportunities is the first step to achieving these ambitious targets.  We have the chance to grow an entire new generation of skilled operatives who will take the country into an energy efficient future, with boundless opportunities to excel in a thriving, evolving industry.

As we move closer to emerging from the ongoing pandemic, the construction and energy efficiency sectors have been identified as pivotal in the ensuing economic recovery and A.C. Whyte are well placed to play an innovative, bold role in this. 

Despite current COVID restrictions, South Lanarkshire College and A.C. Whyte have pivoted to ensure the course was able to start last month, beginning with online tutorials.  The course, which will run twice a year, will be a blend of in college training and onsite training.  South Lanarkshire College have created a purpose-built external structure, designed to simulate a real working environment.  The facility will allow the students, or Akademos as they are known, to practice and hone the skills and techniques required to be an external wall insulation installer, ahead of visiting A.C. Whyte’s sites, where they will train under the direct supervision of some of their most qualified, experienced installers. 

Jennifer Phin went on to say:

South Lanarkshire College are an innovative, forward thinking partner.  Together our aim is to deliver local training, local jobs, with a view to delivering local decarbonisation and housing strategy requirements in partnership with our clients.  Creating the 20-minute neighbourhood establishes multiple benefits for the community.  Local residents are upskilled, quality permanent jobs are created with fair work for everyone, local communities are empowered, and we achieve a just transition to Net Zero, all whilst achieving inclusive sustainable economic growth.

Read more about our partnership with South Lanarkshire College here.