Caring for our team: A.C. Whyte’s focus on Wellbeing

In line with Mental Health Awareness Week, the theme of this year is anxiety. At A.C. Whyte, we deeply value the wellbeing of our team members and are dedicated to fostering an open and inclusive culture that supports their mental health. We prioritise treating our team with empathy and respect at all times, ensuring they have full access to training, tools, and support.

Recognising that the construction industry has the highest recorded suicide rate globally, we take this issue very seriously as an employer. So, what actions have we taken as a business?

  • We have established our “Wellbeing Hub,” comprising individuals from our team who are passionate about promoting the physical, emotional, social, and financial well-being of our team. They meet regularly to identify key areas of concern and equip our team with valuable resources, tools, and support.

  • Our Wellbeing Hub have provided opportunities to our team for feedback on what really matters, what they want to see more of and what they find useful, all of which feeds into our upcoming communications.
  • All members of our Wellbeing Hub are trained mental health first aiders, and we are actively pursuing additional training opportunities for further members of the team.
  • We proudly support the “Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity,” an organisation dedicated to assisting construction workers and their families.
  • We have joined the “Building Mental Health Charter,” an online platform that provides information and initiatives specifically tailored to the construction industry.
  • We have focused on four crucial pillars—financial, social, emotional, and physical well-being—and have implemented targeted communications to our team. These efforts include providing resources such as Sleepstation, financial advice sessions,  inviting external parties to come into speak to our business and engaging in fundraising activities.

By taking these steps, we strive to create a supportive environment where our team’s mental well-being is nurtured and prioritised.