A.C. Whyte investing in the next generation

The team at A.C. Whyte are proud to be delivering refurbishment and energy efficiency projects across the country.  Our commitment to delivering Quality as Standard is the focus of our projects and ensures residents have the best possible experience.  But we believe leaving a community rejuvenated is only part of the legacy we leave behind.  We embrace the opportunity to meet the children living in the communities where we work.  They are, after all, the next generation and could go on to be future stars within the energy efficiency and construction industry.

Our Skills Academy provides individuals with an opportunity to train and become qualified external wall insulation installers, but we wanted to do more to shape the minds of children across the country. 

Working closely with teachers within each of the schools, our team develop tailored, interactive sessions in line with the curriculum for excellence.  We have met with ECO Committees and engaged with Career Events.  During our visist we show the children, of all ages, what can be achieved by working as a team, the type of work we do and the breadth of opportunity available to them across our innovative sector.  We also talk to them about the importance of health and safety around construction sites.

Our sessions are designed to encourage and  inspire the children who go on to be mini ambassadors, telling their families of the many benefits external wall insulation will bring to their homes and their community, as well as being excited about the possibility of working in an industry with so many possibilities.  

Our schools programme is being rolled out across the country, we are looking forward to encouraging more future stars into the energy efficiency and construction industry.

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